China Pat Annual Meeting 2014

UpdateTime:2014-01-25 09:46:04 Read:

China Pat held a wonderful Annual Meeting on January 24, 2014. As ever, besides our staff, we warmly invited families of our staff to participate together, and we together witness the rapid development of China Pat in 2013.

First, Ms. ZHANG and Ms. YAO summarized the China PAT’s operating situation in 2013, and told us all aspects of developments of China Pat in 2013. These developments are reflections of all staff’s hard work and hearts. China Pat’s great performance is the honor of each one of us.



Then, Ms. YAO commended the "Excellent Staff", "Excellent Department" and "Excellent Department Manager" and awarded souvenirs to them. We appreciate them for all they do for the development for China Pat.

Finally, it is time for our staff and the families to start performances. After a year's hard work, we would enjoy ourselves thoroughly now, and reunite next year. Let's strive and struggle for the developments and growth!